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People have one thing in common.  They are all different.  That means that the same medication may not work well for everyone. Compounding is the solution.  Instead of matching a patient to a manufactured product, compounding creates a customized formulation specific to the patient’s needs.

Algonquin Pharmasave is the only pharmacy in North Bay and area that can create specialty compounded medications tailored to your personalized needs.

We are uniquely qualified to prepare your compounded medication:

  1. Algonquin Pharmasave is a member of PCCA, an international organization that provides high-quality products, education and support to help pharmacists and prescribers create personalized medicine.
  2. Our Pharmacist Kristie Chute is extensively trained in creating compounds.  Using her specialized knowledge and experience, she has developed Kristie’s Compounds, a complete portfolio of customized medication solutions available exclusively to Algonquin Pharmasave clients.
  3. We are part of your health care team.  All of our Pharmacists and Technicians will work closely with your doctor to provide you with superior personal service with specific attention to your needs.


What can I treat with a compounded medication?

Kristie’s Compounds can be effective in treating a wide variety of conditions or concerns.

Compound treatment for specific conditions by Kristie's Compounds
Also ask about our compounds for anti-aging, men’s health and sports medicine. Even if you don’t see your concern listed here, remember that Kristie’s Compounds are created for you and there may be a way for us to help.  Visit us at Algonquin Pharmasave for more information.

Why do I need a compounded medication?

A compound may be necessary when your condition or situation cannot be treated by manufactured medications.  Consider the following:

  • Was the manufactured treatment tried but ineffective?

  • Could the manufactured treatment cause serious drug interaction or side effects?

  • Is there no manufactured treatment available?

If any of these are true, a compounded medication may be the best option for you.


How can I get a compounded medication?

Doctor Prescription

Your doctor may proactively prescribe a compounded medication based on the unique nature of your condition.  If so, visit Algonquin Pharmasave for a consultation so we can create your customized medication.  The recommended treatment will be reviewed and approved by your doctor.

Pharmacist Consultation

If you’re concerned that a current medication isn’t meeting your needs, drop in to Algonquin Pharmasave for a consultation.  After discussing your conditions and concerns, we will determine if a compound may be beneficial and establish a treatment plan.  If required, we will recommend the compound to your doctor for a prescription.

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