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Kristie’s Compounds For Prescribers

Kristie's Compounds
Kristie’s Compounds, available exclusively at Algonquin Pharmasave, is a complete portfolio of customized compounded medications.  Recommended by many local prescribers and patients, Kristie’s Compounds are quickly becoming recognized as effective and safe treatment options to remedy a wide variety of conditions and needs.

Algonquin Pharmasave is the only specialty compounding pharmacy in North Bay and the surrounding area.

We are uniquely qualified to help you and your patients find the best compounded medication for their specific needs because of our professional credentials and specialized expertise.


Professional Credentials:


Algonquin Pharmasave is the only pharmacy in North Bay and area that is a member of Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA), an international organization that provides high-quality products, education and support to help pharmacists and prescribers create personalized medicine. So what does this mean for you and your patients?

1. The best products

PCCA offers member pharmacies the most extensive product line in the industry.

2. The highest quality

From the moment a chemical arrives to the time it ships to a member, it is monitored by PCCA Quality Contol and Quality Assurance personnel.  If the product is compromised in any way, it fails the inspection and it is rejected.  Algonquin Pharmasave follows these same quality control measures.

3. The most extensive expertise

At Algonquin Pharmasave, we rely on the wealth of resources and support that PCCA provides.  This allows our pharmacists and technicians to strengthen their skills and expand their influence to meet the unique healthcare needs of patients.

4. The best tools and ingredients

Preparation of specialized medications requires chemicals and equipment that are not available in most pharmacies. Through PCCA, we have access to a selection of resources for fine chemicals, equipment, devices and flavors. We strive to keep up-to-date on new research and innovations in the pharmacy compounding field.


Specialized Expertise and Knowledge: Pharmacist Kristie Chute


Kristie Chute, Pharmacist and Pharmacy Manager at Algonquin Pharmasave, has developed a thorough knowledge base to allow her to offer a complete portfolio of compounded medications, Kristie’s Compounds.

Kristie Chute, Pharmacist and Compounding Specialist at Algonquin Pharmasave

Kristie’s interest in compounding began early when she worked, as a student, at a veterinary compounding pharmacy.  After earning her BSc Pharmacy from the University of Toronto in 2007, she continued to develop her skills and experience at North Bay Regional Hospital where she learned more about sterile compounding. Today, at Algonquin Pharmasave, she has access to a complete compounding lab with specialized tools and ingredients.  To further expand her compounding expertise, she has attained specific training through courses offer through PCCA and the University of Florida. She dedicates much of her time at Algonquin Pharmasave to collaborating with patients to create the right compounded medications to help them live well.

Kristie and the team at Algonquin Pharmasave fully support you and your patients by:

–       Explaining the benefits of compounds to first-time patients

–       Developing a recommended treatment plan with your input and final approval

–       Adjusting compounded medications as required to increase efficacy

Contact Kristie directly to discuss how Kristie’s Compounds may be able to help your patients.

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